We at Vidyasagar Preschool believe that a common and mandatory format of clothing goes a long way in inculcating disciplinary values among children at a tender age. As kids learn to care for their uniforms, they become acutely aware of the importance of public appearances and develop a sense of attire. Additionally, uniforms ensure that children enjoy a distraction-free learning interface. The uniform at Vidyasagar Preschool has been designed to impart a truly neutral identity to all pupils, ensuring that the focus area of their education continues to be defined by merit alone.

Uniform Designs

Included below, is the approved uniform for our current academic session. The admissions office will help you in procuring the same from a designated supplier, after confirming your child’s enrolment at Vidyasagar Preschool.

Full-Sleeved Grey Sweatshirt

Sleeveless Grey Sweatshirt

Denim Shorts (Unisex)

Denim Pants (Unisex)

Admission Enquiries

For any further admission related queries,
please reach out to us on enrolments@vidyasagarpreschool.com