About us

Vidyasagar Preschool (VSP) is an assortment of happy preschool campuses spread across Hebbal, Koramangala, Indira Nagar and J P Nagar, designed to provide a wide spectrum of formative education for children in Bangalore. Our trained and empathetic faculty members consider identity development to be a key tenet in the holistic progress of each child, as they begin to embrace their unique talents, and start forming an idea of who they aspire to be, as young adults and responsible citizens.


Our curriculum and instruction formats have been customized to prioritize identity development, and consist of internationally accepted routines, including but not limited to an active & and engaging classroom routine (where courses are introduced to children in the form of activities, interactive learning material, Across all Vidyasagar Preschool campuses, your kids receive exposure towards an inclusive learning platform, where we encourage them to read, discover, participate, and work in teams. What really sets the preschools apart, is our endeavour to embibe a balance of healthy competitive spirit, teamwork, camaraderie and chivalry among all our pupils. At Vidyasagar, every child receives an equal opportunity to nurture and hone a diverse range of skills. Kids are encouraged to experiment, understand and gain mastery of their immediate surroundings, using a globally acknowledged and carefully crafted combination of age-appropriate interactive experiences.


Our Vision

We lay special emphasis on the moral and ethical conditioning of children, and a broad canvas of social values allows the curriculum at Vidyasagar Preschools to be one of the most progressive and globally aligned programmes available in India. VSP believes in fostering an academic culture that is driven by a strong foundation in mathematical acumen, scientific temperament and linguistic excellence, as opposed to the traditionally prevalent norm of ‘learning by rote’. Lastly, our team of qualified academic professionals work tirelessly to ensure that each child receives an incredible amount of individual attention and support, to help them navigate through preschool as a positive experience.

Our Mission

Vidyasagar Preschool (VSP) aims to nurture and train young minds and develop them as responsible citizens, via holistic learning methods such as interactive classrooms, extracurricular predisposition, logical and linguistic analysis, and personalized instruction. Our methods are aligned to the postmodern global learning culture, and customized to work seamlessly in the Indian education system. Every student at Vidyasagar Preschool receives an equal opportunity to become the best version of themselves, assisted by state-of-the-art infrastructure, and highly qualified, child-centric academic professionals.

Learning at Vidyasagar Preschool

Our learning processes are constantly subjected to evolutionary treatments, ensuring that your child receives the very best in terms of available faculty, infrastructure and educational material.

Active Learning

Emphasis on Fine Arts

Best-in-class Preschool Curriculum

Experienced & Sensitive Faculty

Board Of Directors

Dr. Dayananda Pai

Managing Trustee

Mr. Ravindra Pai

Joint Managing Trustee

Ms.Kiran Pai


Ms. Shilpa Pai


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please reach out to us on enrolments@vidyasagarpreschool.com

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