World Food Day

Food is an important part of a growing up child. And VSPK extended their gratitude to the presence of food in our day today lives by celebrating World Food Day.


Children were made aware of different parts of the world and the food habits from countries like China, Mexico, Italy, France and USA to name a few. The PPT was well received by the children as they cheered and participated in an interaction about their favourite foods!


The children were then taken on ‘Tummy Tour’. A story which had Mr. Tummy feeling hungry and trying out various kinds of international foods while on a tour with his pal- Mr. Legs!!


The day ended with an exciting spoon and lemon race, since lemon is found in all kinds of foods across the world. The winners gleamed with joy while their friends cheered for them. All children played a game of choosing their favourite food and completing their chef’s cap craft, which they proudly wore at home time.



Altogether, a fun filled and satisfying event at VSPK!



Date – 16-10-2017
Participants – Playgroup, Nursery, Prep 1